Spirit made Her Presence known to me in the Spring of 2016 — Three years after I both knowingly and unknowingly stepped into Her initiation of ego death to embody Her Love.

I still couldn’t fathom who She was then, but that didn’t stop Her from making a concerted effort to sift through the dense webbing of my limiting beliefs so that I could eventually recognize Her in Her True Nature. 

I first thought Her entrance into my awareness to be that of the Patriarchal God I grew up with inside the world of private, Catholic schooling — I had a lot to say to him at that point, and I ignorantly took out my frustrations with him on Her. What I received in response wasn’t punishment, disapproval, guilt, or shame for my misunderstanding, but an intuitive voice that urged me to continue prodding deeper into my (un)consciousness and engage with Her even more candidly. 

I now perceive Her Presence through our direct conversations, both internally and externally. Internally, our communion arises spontaneously, organically, and cyclically throughout days, months, or years — but no one else would be aware of it. Externally, I share our conversations in music, and more directly, in writing — I type and receive Her definite, palpable response. My voice is in regular typeface; Her’s is in italics.

Once Spirit took Her time to methodically deconstruct my limiting belief(s) in the God that surrounded my educational upbringing, She then brought me to my self. Each night during that spring, She gave me dreams to make me aware of what was lying dormant there in my subconscious. I would wake up somewhere around the witching hour in the dead of night and type out how each experience made me feel. She would respond and bring me to what felt like radically new understandings I never even considered.

On one of those nights, I met my Soul in the kitchen of my parents’ house. I walked down the stairs from my childhood room, and it was dark, in the middle of the night. I was scared, not knowing what could be waiting for me down there, but then the Truth of who I am appeared out of nowhere. I was so happy to see my Soul there because I immediately had an overwhelming realization that I was real. But before I could even say anything, I started detailing all the ways we could keep seeing each other so our time together wouldn’t have to end. It wasn’t until I woke from the dream that I remembered how sad my Soul looked. 

I asked Spirit, “How could my Soul feel one way when I felt another?” She responded by making it utterly clear inside of me, “
You’re not listening, Michi.” 

That phrase would eventually become the theme of our conversations until She wore my ego down enough for me to begin to even want to listen to something other than the relentless story I always told from the stubbornly singular perspective of my self. Not only was I not listening, but “not listening” also meant I couldn’t escape my self-defeating thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs enough to see, hear, feel, or be the Truth of who I was standing right in front of me as my Soul.

I had many more dreams like this that had a similar shocking-quality for me, but this one informed all the rest and ended up establishing the foundation for my choice to commit to Reach Divine: If I can’t even hear, see, feel, or embody my own Soul, how will I ever be able to participate in a conscious, loving relationship with the rest of Life in all of Her Wild & Free Nature? I began to realize the inevitable slowly becoming unavoidable — Spirit flooded into my consciousness that spring to inform me that for those past three years of my life, I was already in the throes of ego death, and I finally needed to align to Her initiation to further the evolution of my Soul.

If I struggled or created any more resistance, it felt like thrashing against the waves of the ocean. It was clear that I had to surrender and continue to allow this spiritual death to happen to me, but it was always apparent that She didn’t want me to become a victim to it. She let me know that I had to understand, find gnosis, and feel empowered in the choice that my Soul was ultimately making for my self, or She couldn’t do much of anything for me. She could continue to facilitate the expansion of my awareness of Her Love working through me, but now it was at a stage that could only happen if I chose to consciously participate in it with Her.

Since 2013, this was something I experienced entirely between my self, my Soul, and Spirit. No one else knew about it. Once She fully made Her Presence known to me in the spring of 2016, She also gave me the name Reach Divine when it was becoming clear that She intended to share it with others.

Labeling it
Reach Divine tells you exactly what you’re getting your self into right up frontit signals the switch in consciousness that calls in or activates our Union with Spirit. 

Waking up to the Truth of my Union with Her was a long, tumultuous period of uncovering what was buried deep within my being, but life without Her was unimaginably worse. You may not have been able to tell from the surface, but internally I was running on empty and desperately grasping at anything to hold me up — a hungry ghost forever searching for substance in someone or something else.

With Her, I felt my self carried into the Soul that I was to embody, but initially, I assumed our external, written conversations were to be temporary. I held onto the idea that Spirit would open the door again, and Life would go back to the kind of normalcy that I knew from before, just with my Soul in tow. I never expected our conversations to continue until She brought me to my Soul’s mate, Luila. Instead of life returning to something known, Spirit opened up an entirely new expression of our Union. 

She expanded our conversations even further, as they now coincide and commingle in a True, external mirror that guides both Luila and me in our individual Unions with Her.

It certainly sounds beautiful to describe, but in practice, it was overwhelmingly confusing and endlessly frustrating to discover who was embodying the voice of Spirit, The Soul, or the ego. Luila and I filled all roles for the other, oscillating between the witness and the mirror. I probably would’ve walked away from our relationship a long time ago out of my ignorance of how Her Love works, but those three years alone with Spirit helped to deepen my patience and understanding of Her True Nature — before She threw us even deeper into the fire of Her initiation.

Most of our time together, Luila and I did it “wrong” to see that we weren’t right in our egos’ convictions. Spirit has a way of increasing the pressure to bring those unconscious, firmly ingrained beliefs up to the surface for us to play-out, realize, and then release. Rather than begin our relationship of True Love in what we always assume will be “the honeymoon phase,” Luila and I dove to the depths of each other’s hidden fears, unconscious patterned thoughts/behaviors, and wounds. Not exactly what comes to mind when we think about True Love, but Love is only True when there’s a freeway of interchange and exchange in a mutual, reciprocal relationship. 

If there are any blocks or obstacles to that free flow of Love, rather than avoid them or try to take a detour around the elephant(s) in the room, Spirit brings us right up to their doorstep and rings the doorbell for us so we can become intimate with them before we consciously let go. In these most recent four years, Luila and I struggled through those wounds, fears, and beliefs just to become conscious of what our Soul knew to be the impediments to reconnecting with its mate on its True path Home.

The entirety of our spiritual transformations encompassed a journey as old as Soul: From ego death to re-entry of the Soul embodied to our eventual reunion with Spirit — something entirely possible to do hand-in-hand and mirrored with the mate of our Soul. 

The first act of True Love isn’t about what we can do for the other, or what the other can do for us. True Love begins with the stripping away of all our internal, self-defeating mechanisms that originally formulated out of our earliest, unfulfilled desires to be Love(d). We were taught not to look within to familiarize ourselves with the felt quality of our own Soul, but to uphold an ideal in someone else taking us away from how we feel in Presence — this is what we were suppose to believe as the only reality. We haven’t known that we actually leave behind our very Soul and it’s potential mate when we look to replace it with anything or anyone outside of ourselves.

For many of us, the True Love we’ve longed for can be lived in partnership with the mate of our Soul, but they aren’t found by grasping to fill a void left behind from past hurt, trauma, or wounds. True Love comes to us by way of attraction, not coercion, pleading, bargaining, or seduction. If our Soul is not yet embodied or our Heart isn’t yet sown by our Soul, then what we attract isn’t True for us, but comes to us despite our Truth — in countless attempts to either avoid or fill one large and lonely hole. The True Nature of Love is accessible and available to each of us, but the only way to call it in is if our Hearts open enough and create ample space to let Spirit in to guide us again. 

The path we take into Union with Spirit is unique to our individual Soul.

No one else can do this for us, and no one else knows the steps we need to take but ourselves. It’s between Her and us, as Spirit collaborates with our Soul to chart our course in real-time. It’s True that She only takes us into Her initiation of Love if we’re ready, and it’s True that there is no need to worry — because although it sounds scary, ego death is nothing to fear. When our name is called and our time comes, it’s because our Soul decided it’s tired of the life we’ve been living, and it wants to be Home, embraced in Her Love again. Once our Soul is embodied, it feels like the peace we thought we’d never receive; the peace that always felt just out of reach. 

You are free to Reach Divine and reclaim your Soul by uncovering Her Love in your unfolding Union with Spirit, but should you ever feel lost somewhere amidst the organic, winding Nature of your path Home, know that you are not alone in your uncertainty. Countless Souls have ventured here before us, and we are all in good company. If you do manage to let go more and more with each passing day, month, and year, you will witness The Magic of Her Love first hand — just exactly how Spirit manages to bring you into Union with your deepest, most sincere Heart’s desire. 

Reach Divine is not meant to replace your connection to Spirit or give you step-by-step directions on how to Reach Divine. What I share is from the direct experience of my Union with Her — and all of it is unique to my Soul’s expression. Like me, you are also free to converse with Her through your own creative medium(s), but I have no way of knowing how it will happen for you. Reach Divine is merely one example of 7.8 billion (and counting) possible variations of how to Reach Divine

Imagine how colorful of a rainbow we’d get to live in if we each embodied the Truth of our Soul living in Union with Spirit, collaboratively co-creating new ways of how we individually
Reach Divine.

Consider Reach Divine to be an outpost on your journey Home to the Truth of who you are. As long as this server is up and running and you have an internet connection, this publication is your 24/7 resource to support you in your Union with Spirit. Every little bit of content you find here is free of charge, open and accessible to everyone. If you’re interested in supporting me in continuing to provide Reach Divine, please consider a paid subscription.

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Thank you for being here with me and allowing me to share who I am with you. It’s been my and Her Heart’s desire for years to extend our Union to you in hopes that it will spark, rekindle, or add fuel to the flame already within. I can’t know about your personal experience with Her Love, but I can leave this Light on for you to witness the Magic of Reach Divine whenever you come to find it.

- Michi